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FAQ english


How to use blessy SERUM?

  • Apply to whole face morning and/or evening before heavier cream

Can pregnant ladies & breastfeeding mothers use blessy?

  • All of our products are safe to be used by breastfeeding mothers.

How long can blessy products last?

  • It depends on your frequency and amount of usage.
  • It is estimated that the regular size can last up to 2 to 3 months.

Is blessy Halal?

  • Our products do not have Halal Certification for now.
  • All of our products do not contain any animal-based ingredients.
  • Our products are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (KKM). They are also formulated by dermatologists and safe to be used.

Are there any side effects after applying blessy?

  • There is no side effect under normal conditions of use.
  • Depending on skin sensitivities, you may experience redness or itchiness. If you are aware of skin sensitivities, please do consider doing a skin patch test prior to using the product.
  • Should you experience severe redness, itchiness, or burning sensation, stop using this product and consult your dermatologist. Discontinue usage if you are sensitive to any ingredients on the label.

Are blessy products fragrance free?

  • Yes, all blessy products are fragrance free.